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Meet Callie!

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Start by downloading my FREE E-Book, A Habit of Happiness, and let's get started! 

I'm a

Who believes in Happily Ever After! 

That's right!  I believe in fairytales and dreams come true.  I believe we have been placed on this earth to have JOY!  I believe You and I are supposed to DREAM BIG and Make Things Happen and yes, you may have guessed it ... I believe that "everything works out for me" -- it's my favorite Motto, and it can be YOURS too! 

It's Time

Seriously!  I think YOU have a lot of potential and maybe you're ready for MORE.  Maybe you stopped DREAMING when you grew up, or can't even remember the last time you dreamed for YOU -- not your kids, your spouse, your family, or whoever you are taking care of.  But YOU!

Guess what?  When you live YOUR PURPOSE, which is GRAND, then you can live the life you've always dreamed of and in the process serve and help those you love.  It's true! 

Now is the time for YOU to embrace your life and claim your JOY.  You were born for this! 

Live Your

                      --Walt Disney

This was the quote I put on the back of my first business card, fresh out of graduate school and ready to embark on my journey of creating success. 
Those were some good times!  Hard times! And moments where I remember having doubts, fears, and honestly not knowing what in the world I was doing.  But ... somehow I instinctively knew to believe in my dreams, to push forward, and to walk through the fear. 
And it paid off!  

Now I look back on those early years, full of youthful naivete and lofty dreams, so thankful I was surrounded by people who believed in me, and so grateful I didn't give up or give in to those who didn't think I should dare to dream so big.  Because I did.
And now, I want to help you dream big too! 


A little more about me, and my partner in life and business...


Dr. Dave & Callie

Callie is a proud mother and serial entrepreneur. She holds a Masters in Business and is basically Superwoman, but without the cape. She currently runs Steuer Management, a private holding company for real estate and entrepreneurial investments.


Beyond raising her 5 kids, her passion is helping others discover and realize their dreams. She has found that essential oils are the perfect vehicle for innovating lives and the magic “pixie dust” to help others’ dreams come true.


Callie has partnered with her husband, Dr. Dave, not only in life, but in business. Her personal motto? Dream, Believe, Create. And boy, have they done it!

Together, Dave and Callie have dreamed and created many businesses, including Steuer Management, an investment holding company, Dental Specialists of Maine, Level-10, a construction and land-works company in Massachusetts, and her latest passion--their essential oils business.  She oversees the highest level of progression, growth and decision strategy in all their business ventures. 

What's your dream?

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Want to know a little secret?  My favorite thing in life is my family!  Yep, we love to travel together, play together, and yes, we even dance together! You can check out our adventures as the
I CAN FAM on Instagram.

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