20 Easy, Healthy Snack Ideas You (and Your Kids!) Will Actually Want to Eat

Hungry? Select 3 of the 4:

1) Cheap

2) Healthy

3) Easy

4) Delicious

Am I the only one who feels this way?? It’s so hard to get all four! You can get cheap, healthy, and easy with some raw carrot sticks, but they’re not what I would call delicious. Whole Foods is the king of healthy, easy, delicious food, but it sure ain’t cheap. If you want cheap, easy, and delicious, look no further than the frozen section…. Or your nearest McDonald’s. There are a million recipes for cheap, healthy, delicious meals, but they are definitely not going to be easy—you’ll need a spiralizer, every spice under the sun, and about 3 hours.

The struggle, am I right?

With that said, I do have a couple of go-to snacks that (for me) fill all four requirements. Below is a quick list. Keep scrolling for a description of each item. Happy snacking!