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A Vision for More

I was fortunate at a young age to have good role models.  There were many people in my life that showed up at integral times, to teach me or show me possibilities for my life. 

It was through these people that I was able to have experiences beyond my current financial status.  I was able to go places and see a life I could create for myself. I saw possibilities, which created dreams deep inside me that would later come to life.

I remember summer trips to Virginia where I’d stay with my childhood best friend.  Her parents became pseudo parents to me.  

They took me on summer vacations to the beach, paid for summer camps, and took me on my first cruise. I even lived with them in their 12,000 square foot mansion one summer while I completed an internship on Capitol Hill.  

They had 9 kids and my friend, Christie, was the oldest. I was the youngest of my family so I was fascinated with all her little siblings and the chaotic life of such a bustling household.  Likewise, she was fascinated with my life with no kids in the house, only cool older teens to look up to.  

After I moved to Utah, we began trading summers, spending time one summer with my family then the next summer with hers.  

I remember the summer we began to drive and her mom sent us grocery shopping. With two carts we chose to divide and conquer. Christie sent me to get the milk. I returned with 1 gallon to which she laughed and followed up by adding another 5 gallons.  

Our friendship lasted throughout our childhood, into our college years as roommates, and even now, 40+ years later, we get together for annual girls trips.  She’s a life long friend, and her family too.  

Why? Because so much of me was forged by my enduring relationship with her and her family.  

I decided as a young teenager, that I would be an entrepreneur and have a big beautiful house, and travel the world with my future large family, and have nice things. 

I knew it could be accomplished because I had been shown a glimpse of what was possible.  But more importantly, I knew why I wanted those things …. so someday, I too could impact another’s life through being so generous.  

I wanted to pay it forward, to live abundantly so that I could share that abundance.  It was the giving that I was so attracted to, because I had been given so much.  

I will eternally be grateful for that friendship, and attention granted by loving parents who were kind enough to extend that love to me. I hope that in my lifetime I can continue their legacy and honor the vision that became such a precious gift in my life. 

Who has helped you see more for your life?  Thank them today for their generosity, and to pay it forward, commit to show up in your brilliance to help others see what’s possible for them too. 

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