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Begin to Believe

Do you believe in your dreams? To understand the power of belief and its relevance in creating success, you must first understand the power of your thoughts.  

“What a man thinketh, he becomes.” - James Allen

This quote comes from my father’s favorite book, As a Man Thinketh, that he had me read as a young child. James Allen teaches that our thoughts are powerful, and it’s from them that make possible our dreams.  Once you’ve formed a dream, or idea, then it will only ever be a dream unless you write it down in the form of a goal and get to work. There’s a space between having the dream and forming it into a tangible goal - and in that space, you must have belief. That belief is what will help to form your thoughts, or redirect them as you exercise power over your thinking.  

So how do you come to possess such belief?  It’s truly a gift that I had a mother who instilled this in me.  She allowed me to believe in myself and that all things were possible - this type of belief is powerful.  You may not be as fortunate. There are infinitely different experiences we all encounter that either contribute or take away from belief, me included over the years.  Meaning we all come from different family dynamics, backgrounds, and experiences, each contributing to our level of belief in ourselves. And even if we’ve been blessed to have belief taught early in life, it’s certain that trials and life experiences will constantly challenge our belief systems - so it’s not enough to say I BELIEVE once, no we must cultivate belief over a lifetime.  Like unpredictable weather patterns, belief can come and go like the wind, so it’s important to understand this, and prepare to nourish and strengthen your belief throughout your life.

A favorite quote of mine is ”The Secret to having it all is Believing that you do!" and of course I have it on a plaque in my house. Start now to visualize your dreams coming true with CERTAINTY and plan your life as if it's happening....and it WILL!  Believe now that you are living out your dreams and start taking tiny steps in the direction of your dreams - believe it - and before you know'll be living this affirmation: Everything I need comes to me at the right time and place!

Begin today to practice BELIEVING!  

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