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Building Block Goals

Updated: Apr 7, 2019

. We all have health goals, and we all break our health goals. This week, I want to talk about how you can make your health goals even more effective and achievable, using a principle I’m going to call BUILDING BLOCK GOALS.

It might be most helpful to explain this using an example. Let’s say on January 1st, I made a goal to lose weight. (We’ll use this as our example because it’s the most common goal, but the concept can apply to any goal). I was super motivated and I did everything I could to make it happen. I threw out all my junk food, I got a gym membership (and actually started going regularly), I stopped eating refined sugars and carbs. I carried around healthy snacks. Instead of watching tv, I tried hiking and biking. I really went at it. And then I got totally burned out. I craved sugar and carbs like crazy. My body was fatigued and tired all day because I was doing so much physical activity that I wasn’t used to. So I stopped.

Then I got disappointed in myself and wanted to try again. I should set the goal again and start over, right? Wrong. That would be making the same mistake as the first time all over again.

Instead, I’m going to make some sustainable, realistic smaller goals to help me reach my bigger goal of losing weight. For example, maybe I’m going to make the goal of going to the gym to do cardio at least three times a week. Then once I’ve gotten into the habit of that, I’ll add some weight lifting in twice a week. Then a couple weeks later, I’ll go to the gym five times and lift weights three out of those five times. Then I’ll lift every time I go to the gym. Once I’ve gotten that down and my body is used to the physical activity, I’ll add my diet to the exercise. First, I’ll make the goal of eating healthier breakfasts. Then I’ll start cutting out carbs. Then I’ll start limiting my sugar intake to a couple of times a week. See where I’m going with this?

The key is to make a new goal every couple of weeks that builds upon the previous goal. This isn’t just making a bunch of specific, small goals that you try doing all at once to lose weight. You start with one specific small goal and then add another and then change that one to be a little more difficult and then build that habit by doing it more often and then adding another and repeating the process. These building block goals help you form habits, not just check off small steps that you’ll eventually undo by reverting back to your old habits. And this same strategy applies to business goals, relationship goals, and any kind of goal.

Instead of trying to completely change everything all at once, pick your main goal and then identify the building block goals that will help you get there in a sustainable way. And for more workout, weight loss, and general health tips, sign up to join the surge plan 30 day challenge today. We are constantly sharing science and motivation to help you lose weight more effectively and more enjoyably.

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