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Choose Easy

Recently I reconnected with one of my favorite people, my best friend from a special season of life….our newlywed years while Dave was in dental school and I was working and completing my MBA.  

Those were some fun, tiring, and awesome four years.

One of my BFF’s was Chrissy Morgan and she’ll forever have a special place in my heart. On our recent RV family cross-country road trip (where reconnecting with old friends was one of our 4 pillars of the trip) we stopped in Kennewick, Washington to visit the Morgans.  

What a fun time we had!

A surprise drop-by-for-lunch stop turned into a 5 day visit. Now that’s a good friend! And did I mention we had our 43 ft RV parked in front of her house AND our dog took up residence in her backyard?

See what I mean by GOOD friend?!

Now picture dangling from Chrissy’s rearview mirror was a sign, “Choose Easy” that looked like a button I had seen at Staples.  

Have you ever seen that big red button?

I asked her about it and she explained that it’s a phrase she’s taught to her kids, but with a little different spin than you might think, and I loved it!  

To the Morgans, Choose Easy doesn’t have the typical meaning of “let’s take the path of least resistance” and shirk from hard work. Quite to the contrary, this family dives into work and if you’ve ever wondered what the true energizer bunny looks like, just get to know Chrissy!  

Choose Easy is a reminder to make good choices — things like being honest, moral, kind, obedient, respectful, and living with integrity. Because if you choose to do that, then you’re life will be easy!

I love this philosophy because she’s absolutely right…when you choose the right, you can stay clear of mistakes that create hardship and difficulty.  You can avoid hurtful relationships, and sorrows that come from regret and remorse.

Do the right thing, and yes life will be easier. Make good choice and live the easy life.

Don’t make anything harder than you need to — just Choose Easy!

How much easier would your life be if you decide right now to Choose Easy?  

Think of the mistakes you could avoid?

Think of the path this simple phrase can lead you down, one that feels light and easy, happy and fun.  Guess what? We are meant to have JOY, and I promise you, its easier than you think.

You can choose.

Just Choose Easy!

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