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Dream BIG - A Lesson From my Brother Rich

I have a brother who’s been sick for years, I mean real sick.  We joke that he has nine lives, because somehow he has endured and survived many close calls and a decade of grueling pain as he’s fought to live.  

Recently he had another close call while celebrating my mother’s birthday at his home, and it soon turned into hysteria as he went into diabetic shock, had a severe tetany attack and an ambulance had to be called.  He barely survived.

The next day I returned to visit him, and was surprised and completely shocked, to find him lucid and sharing his tender thoughts after this near death experience. As he went on to share his grandiose plans for selling his company and with great detail, all of his plans for the future — I had an epiphany.  

My brother is alive because he knows how to dream, and dream BIG. His ability to have a clear vision for his future has kept him alive all these years, not random luck. He is so committed to his dreams, that no near death experience is going to knock him down, at least not for long.

His rebound time is incredible. No sooner was he out of the hospital, he was sharing his vision for the future, still half alive. No complaining. No bemoaning what had just happened.  Pure grit and commitment to what is possible.

Now this man does indeed have 9 lives, and I dare say more!

What could you survive, and rebound from, if you had that type of commitment to your dreams?  How could you overcome adversity if you stayed focused on a future goal? Could you survive the most challenging of defeats, and bounce back ready to defy reality, because nothing can stop you from dreaming?  

This my friends, is powerful.

This tangible vision has power to transcend the worst kinds of mortal agony, because no matter the circumstance, no one can take away your power to hold onto and believe in your dreams.

Is he still sick? Sure! But he will also tell you all about his future plans if you ask — no matter what any doctor has to say about it.

I’m inspired to remember my brother when life knocks me down. When I think it can’t get any worse, I’m going to remember that if I just hold on and focus on what I believe is possible, and let the rest go….then I’m one step closer to realizing my dreams, no matter what challenges I’m facing.  

What dream will keep you going through hard times?

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