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Having the Courage to Believe

Picture my morning last week…I’m laying in bed waiting for the urge to get up when my youngest daughter jumped in my bed to snuggle.  It was time for her to get ready for school, but when prodded she admitted she didn’t want to go today.  Well that was unusual for her, so I continued on, searching with questions to get to the real issue.  After a short interrogation, she sheepishly admitted that it was her turn to show off a talent in front of her music class, and she had concluded she had absolutely nothing to share, so she wasn’t going.  My mother heart was hurting for this little girl, searching for the words to instill belief in her beautiful soul.

 After empathizing through her tears, agreeing this was definitely a dilemma, and explaining how I understood because I was painfully shy as a child, we talked through her options. Show off your love for animals, what about your flexibility, or take your favorite stuffed horse and tell them about your horseback riding lessons…I offered many suggestions, of course none of these she liked.  So, I had to pull out the big guns…COURAGE.  She needed to have courage to do something hard, plain and simple.  She was going to school and choosing something to present, let’s get going!  She had to borrow some of my belief in her, and simply put, she needed to face her fear and have the courage to show up and do this hard thing.  Yup, I was being a tough mother, but she responded without too much argument (and a little incentive) and before I knew it, I was dropping her off, late, to school. 

I left the school wondering on my drive home — did I do the right thing?  Was I mean to make her go?  What if she’s right and the kids laugh at her? I can’t be there to rescue her, and I had just assured her they wouldn’t dare.  But….a mother worries.  Although deep down I knew that if she would hold onto that belief in herself, and face this fear with courage, she would be ok - no matter how the kids responded. It doesn’t matter what others think, just be yourself! Easy for me to say with years of experience, but she’s only 11! 

She came home from school that afternoon exclaiming it was her best day ever. Phew! Hooray!  The kids not only loved her back bend, they cheered and wanted to see it again and again!  Success!  Belief!! Courage!!!  I was so proud of her!  I could almost see her brighten just a little bit, from the inside out.  And that’s the power of belief, which sometimes takes courage when you aren’t feeling it on your own.  If you’ll just dare to believe in yourself, and stop worrying about other peoples opinions, responses, reactions to whatever you have to share — then when you do step forward, your individual offering just may delight others — they may want more..again, and again, as you shine forth with purpose.  

Are you holding back?  Worried about how others might respond to what you have to offer? If you stay in bed and don’t show up, guess what?  You’ll never know, and perhaps your fears are in vain, and people will actually squeal in delight and ask for more.  You need to find out. You need to have courage to believe in yourself and by doing so, give yourself permission to shine and share your talents with others.  We all have them, you just need to believe that you do! And guess what?  People need you to have courage to shine, to give them permission to do the same! 



PS What talent can you share this week with others?  Step out of your comfort zone, take courage, and believe in you have something to share! 

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