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How to have the most productive day of your life!

You’re busy. I’m busy. We’re all busy. Remember in college when you thought that once you graduated, you would finally have free time? Remember with your first baby when you thought that once they slept through the night, you’d stop being tired? Remember your first job when you thought that once you made more money, you’d be able to eat healthier?

The truth is, you will NEVER have enough free time, sleep, or money if you don’t learn how to work efficiently NOW. It’s not as easy as just saying “I’m going to prioritize better.” It takes a lot of work and discipline. I am not perfect at prioritizing by any means, but over the years, I’ve discovered one trick that really helps me maximize my efficiency. I don’t use it all the time because it’s pretty strict, but when I have way too much to do and not enough time to do it, it works miracles. The trick is to set rules for yourself.

Tell yourself in advance how you’re going to spend your day. Be in charge of how you spend your day. “Today I’m going to work for 50 minutes without any distractions. I am not allowed to look at any messages or emails, I am not allowed to get a snack, I am not allowed to answer the phone. After 50 minutes, I will set a timer to take a 10 minute break to get a snack, check my instagram, respond to emails, do some stretching, take a mental break, walk around. When the timer goes off I will immediately begin working again. I will work for three hours using this pattern, then I will eat lunch for exactly half and hour. I will used this time to destress and to relax. When the timer goes off, I will immediately being working again.”

You get the idea. Like I said, this is not how I live my life every day, but when I need to, this is the most efficient way I’ve ever worked. If you can go for 110 minutes without a break, do that. Adjust it if you need to, but try it out. I promise it works.

Good luck, Callie

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