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Just Say Yes!

Do you ever feel trapped in a cycle of not getting or doing what you want?

Do you have dreams, aspirations, desires, just simple things you’d like to do, or big things, but you don’t do them?

Have you felt held back by an invisible force field of responsibility, worry, doubt or fear?

Well guess what? There’s a simple solution, one that’s been staring you right in the face your whole life.

But…sadly, we often don’t see it. It’s too easy, and we make things hard. We make excuses. There’s a part of us that likes to stay stuck, in the mundane, or the routine, or just sit in our story, whatever that may be.

So what’s the solution? Just say YES! Yep, that’s right, I told you it was easy. You can say YES!

Yes to your dreams. Yes to your deepest desires, and even your smallest ones. Yes to living the life you want, when you want, on your terms. Yes!

You can choose what you want, and when you want it. You have control. You have power. You have time. You have freedom. You can do and have what you want. It’s up to you!

Ok, so take a deep breath now, because I know, you don’t really believe me. You want to believe me, but you have reservations.

You have a lifetime of experiences that are screaming otherwise. You have habits, and stories, and people, oh so many people, who have told you otherwise.

You have fears and they are a mile long, along a path riddled with excuses and doubts. I know, they are sitting there, in plain sight, daring you to, actually luring you into drifting along a path that’s taking you, well nowhere. You feel stuck and powerless.

The truth is, we always do what we want to do. So do you want to stay stuck, or move forward? Do you want to let fears and doubts run your life, or trust that things will happen for you?

Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but I hope you get the point. There’s two sides to this story and you get to choose. It’s easy…do you say YES or NO to what you want? Because you have the power to choose, and only you.

Let’s explore an example. I just had a conversation with a colleague asking my opinion. She had recently been given the opportunity to participate in a challenging but rewarding work program that would help her reach new goals, with some work and effort.

She wants to do the program, but had a million fears, worries, doubts about how she could do it. Lots of logistical questions were coming up. And, at face value, they had some validity…costs, time issues, support questions. Real obstacles.

But I sat there perplexed by her thinking. I simply don’t relate. My first thought is to say YES! If a miracle shows up at your door, unwrap it! Don’t convince yourself you’re not worthy of it, just snatch it and open the gift. Just do it! After all, that’s what Nike says!

Yes, yes, yes is the answer. Always. Take a step forward towards your dreams, then work out the logistics. Trust the answers will come together. Occasionally, there will be obstacles, and when they pop up, just work around them.

You might encounter roadblocks or setbacks, just keep moving forward, up, over, around or through the problems. Eventually, you’ll end up closer to your goal, and you’ll get the chance to learn along the way.

So please, whenever you're given the chance…don’t hesitate, please step forward with an emphatic YES! I promise you’ll be glad and with each positive step forward you’ll get better at it. You’ll be learning to trust and cast out fears. You’ll be teaching yourself, step at a time, that you’re worth it!

In that process, you’ll be helping others too. Your example will give others the permission to say yes too. I know there are always obstacles, and that’s ok. Reconcile with them and just know they are part of your journey.

You might actually have to give up some dreams for ones that are better. You might say YES to one thing, then end up getting something else. It’s true that the logistics might get in the way and you actually don’t end up doing or getting what you set out to do.

But, I promise you this… you’ll be getting closer and moving in the direction of your dreams. You’ll be learning how to overcome obstacles. You’ll be exercising faith and that faith will fuel your future ambitions.

In the end, your confidence will grow, and with that your love and acceptance of yourself and others. Because you dared to dream, dared to move forward, dared to say Yes!

What can you say yes to today? What are you holding back doing or saying or feeling? It can be a simple step forward or a giant leap.

Just don’t wait, move in the direction of your heart and let the joy of a big fat YES set you free today!

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