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Super Start your New Year!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

2018 is here! I can’t believe how fast 2017 went by. I swear my life speeds up more and more the older I get. I know a lot of you did  your New Year’s Resolutions. Or maybe that’s just me… I’m kind of a nerd about New Year’s Resolutions. I love setting goals and making changes and feeling better, even if it doesn’t last the whole year. Most of my goals usually have to do with my business or being a better mom or getting healthier, but this year I’ve added a few new ones. This year, I want to resolve to be happy. I’m not unhappy by any means! I love my life and I am happy every day. I just want to make my emotional, mental, and spiritual health more of a priority by focusing on it explicitly. 

So here are my goals to be happy in 2018:

Happy Morning Routine

The best way to be happy every day is to start every day happy. Over the years, I’ve found a few things that really help me start the day happy. I’ve gone through phases when I’m really good about doing all of them, but I’ve been slacking lately, so I want to make a goal to start doing these things again. For me, my happy morning routine means waking up ten minutes earlier to pray and read my scriptures before my kids get up. It means turning on my happy dancing music and making a real, yummy, healthy breakfast. It means sitting at the breakfast table for five minutes with my kids before they head off for school. It means cleaning up the breakfast dishes as soon as they leave before I can get lost in my work in a dirty kitchen. Your happy morning routine probably looks very different from mine, but if you want to start the day happy, figure out what helps you do that, and do it!

Carve Out Happy Time 

It’s so easy to get caught up doing the things I have to get done that I don’t leave any time to do the things that make me happy. This year, I want to do better about taking time out to read to Bella and Sophie. I want to have a dance and dishes party every night after dishes. I want to spend time with each of my kids individually before bed. I want to schedule more lunches with my friends that aren’t business lunches. Whatever makes you happy, make sure you leave time to do it. We often make sacrifices to finish our to do lists, but not to be happy. We know how to stay up later and be more efficient to make time for our to do list, but we don’t know how to do that to make time for our happiness. If we put the happy things first, we will make time for the rest. 

Be Happy Healthy

I’m pretty good about making healthy food choices and going to the gym, but I’m not very good about doing it happily. I crave unhealthy foods, but I discipline and chastise myself into eating the healthy option instead. I go to the gym, but I dread it the whole day until I’ve gone. This year, I want to be excited about making healthy choices. I want to love going to the gym again. I want to get excited about trying new healthy recipes. If we make health our lifestyle instead of our punishment, it’ll be a lot easier to maintain.

So here’s to a TRULY Happy New Year. 



#choosehappy #loveyourlife

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