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Supermom Magic

One day my daughter Taylor, who was 15 at the time, walked in the door after school ready to burst at the seams. 

She was completely sad and mad and ready to explode and I could see it was one of those mom-is-going-to-be-the-punching-bag moments. I mean, that’s our job, right? 

Normally I’d brace myself for that, and prepare for a few hours of talking, crying, unloading, followed up by a sad movie (to get the rest of the tears out), and then finally hope to get her back on track. 

This wasn’t our first rodeo.

The only problem was, I had a conference call starting in minutes, and I was the one leading it. I had absolutely no time for a meltdown, and things were getting bad…I had to think quick.  

And that’s exactly what happened...instantly, I had an idea “ping”…. I had the thought “give her an aroma touch”. 

So I said, “Hey Taylor, how about I give you an aroma touch, then we’ll talk.”

I lead her to the table, put her on it and let her know she just had to stay quiet until my call was finished.  I was so relieved thinking I had just bought myself some time, and when done with this call, we could begin the melt down and get to a resolution.

After all, she had finals the next day and she was so overwhelmed, I had to help her. 

I’ll never forget what happened when my call ended. 

She sat up from the table, looked at me and said “Thanks mom.” Then she walked into her room, spent the evening studying and aced her tests the next day. 

What? That’s it?

Are you kidding me, no meltdown?

Yes! It was that simple.

She just needed a reset, like a reboot of her system, and the combination of me taking the time to nurture her through touch and essential oils — she was able to have a complete shift in mindset and a physiological reset as well.

It really was just what she needed to be able to tackle what was in front of her, and let go of the rest.  

Isn’t that how most things are? 

Super big deals in our head, we let ourselves get so worked up over sometimes the smallest of things, and we think it’s going to be near impossible to solve...when really, if we take a deep breath, allow ourselves to reset - and in this case, through the use of essential oils, she was able to completely rebalance - we can get into our heart, where there’s hope, and resistance falls away.  

I was so glad I had that inspiration come when I needed it.

I truly think as moms, we have a unique ability to seek and respond to inner guidance, especially on behalf of our children, if we will just listen and act.

Ever since, I’ve learned to conquer many could-be-crazy situations with my kids using my supermom magic and let me tell you, I feel powerful and feel the call to share this trick with all moms who need solutions, and need them fast! 

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