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The Courage to Speak Up

Have you ever felt hesitant to speak up?  Maybe that your voice doesn’t matter or you can’t find the courage to say what you feel?  You are not alone, so many of us struggle to find our voice. I know, because I’ve been there.

When I was little, I had this AMAZING grandfather.  He was revered by all, and put on a pedestal that was hard to reach.  Not only was he a successful businessman, with an Ivy League education and a million accolades that seemed to go on and on… he was also a spiritual giant; gentle, meek, kind, and wise.  No wonder we ALL listened to what this man said with the utmost respect. When Grandfather spoke, everyone listened. He was actually a man of very few words. It was said that he didn’t say anything unless it was worth saying, so when he spoke, you better pay attention.  

Ahhh ha!  Did you catch that?  I grew up thinking that you shouldn’t speak unless you had something SUPER profound to say.  I wanted to be considered wise, kind, and successful like my grandfather, and so I wasn’t going to speak unless I knew what I had to say was worth hearing.  Well guess what? That didn’t work out so well for me, as I was just a little girl when I made this decision, and l have spent most my life trying to only speak up when I was certain what I had to say was just right.  That was a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself and a whole lot of hesitation that has held me back.

Now I know better, and I’m working on unleashing my voice. Even if my words are imperfect, I’m pledging to get them out there.  Sure I’d like to say something profound, but even if I don’t, or perhaps make a mistake, I hope that by having the courage to speak up, I’ll show up in a more meaningful way, and help others more in the process. Heaven knows, my silence hasn’t been helping anyone!

So why are you being silent?  Do you need to speak up? Could you share your light a little more, so that you can fulfill your potential and lift others in the process?

We all have had experiences in our past, that for good or better, have shaped who we are. If you can have the courage to let go of your past and follow your heart, then you’ll realize that your voice matters, that you matter, and it’s time for you to speak up!

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