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The Parking Lot Fairy

Everyone who ever drives with me often knows, the parking spots in the front are reserved for me!  

Or at least that’s what I choose to believe.

My husband will tease that I’m lazy and maintains that he just “likes” to park in the back so he can get his exercise.  Well, I also love to exercise, but there’s a time and a place for that, and for me, it’s not in parking lots.

When I’m going somewhere, I’m ready to get there and get things done, so in my mind, I’d prefer to park up front and get in and get out.  

And so….the spots are always magically there for me, because I expect it, and the world cooperates.

Ok, so the truth…no, I don’t have an actual “reservation” in all parking lots.  

I suppose the good spots could actually be full, and if I’m being honest, they probably are sometimes.  

But pay attention to this THOUGHT that I have….I BELIEVE the spots will always be there for me, and so they most often are.  

Did you catch that?

I THINK the spots will be there, and so that’s what I CHOOSE to believe, and what I CHOOSE to experience, and in my world, I park up front.  

Have you caught on yet?  

I park up front because I actually look for the spaces.  

I take the time to drive up front and find the best parking spot.  I could go straight to the back and park, like Dave does, but I don’t.  I drive up front and sometimes drive around again, but MOST OFTEN (9 times out of 10) I get a good spot.  

And when I don’t, I don’t really pay any attention to that. I don’t let it bother me, and just park, and forget about it.  Again, I CHOOSE my thoughts, and I BELIEVE the parking fairy gods are always in my favor.

Recently, my daughter teased me about this as were were trying to park at Disney World last week.

Yes, the ultimate challenge, I know.  

She’s always marveled at my parking abilities and began to tease me when we made our first pass (yes, I drove straight to the front of one of the world’s busiest parking lots expecting a reserved prime spot to be waiting just for me) and it was full.  

She says “guess your parking fairies aren’t here today” to which I replied, "oh no, this is just not the lot I want, I’d rather park over there"…and began heading to my preferred parking lot.

It’s also worth mentioning we were caravanning with the rest of the family behind me in a second car.  So she says, "Well, there’s no way you’d actually find two spots." I didn’t let her jeering bother me and drove on. Much to her surprise (and not mine) I drove right up to the front of the next lot, and pulled cooly into a prime parking spot up front…that had another empty spot next to it!

Yes, who ever said the parking lot fairies take time off?

Not in my world!  

So, people, so much of the magic happens when you choose to BELIEVE in it!  

So I believe in parking lot fairies, so what? It works for me, and every time I park up front, I feel empowered, blessed, magical, like the world is revolving around me.

This one little thing has increased my confidence and brightened my day more times than I can count.  I’ve had sad days, where nothing has seemed to go my way, then unknowingly driven to a front parking spot just to be reminded that things DO work out for me.

I never take it for granted, and front row spots have become a constant miracle in my life. I’m always grateful, and always smile when they open up, because they’ve become a reminder to me that things do work out, miracles are all around us, and it’s ok to expect the best and seek to find it.  

Trust me, it’s just a better way to think and live. We get to create our own little miracles, just by daring to believe they will come true.

What miracles are constant in your life?  

What good, happy things could you seek for, and come to expect, that will remind you that life does work out for you?  

I challenge you to believe in parking lot fairy’s, or whatever magic that will make your day brighter, just like I’ve come to expect.  Find your reminder that things will work to, choose to view the world as if everything is in your favor, never working against you.

As you practice this, you too will come to expect that things just magically will work out for you.  It’s starts with a parking spot…but then transcends into bigger and bigger miracles as your perspective shifts, and magic unfolds.

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