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Do you ever second guess yourself?  Wonder if you’re good enough, doing enough, strong enough or just plain enough?  

We all have our moments of doing this, and it’s tempting to see our faults rather than remembering our worth is inherently…. enough.  

But listen up and listen clearly.  I’m here to tell you that no matter what, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Do you believe me? If not, then read on…

Imagine yourself as a little child, so adorable and perfect, a little miracle sent from heaven. You came to this earth WORTHY and perfectly you… Enough in every way.

As you grew and learned to walk, you fell down, and that was actually adorable.  Can you picture your parents celebrating your first steps and cheering you on as you toddled and fell down, then back up again. 

Over and over, you made mistakes and then improved. That’s how life is, and you are here to learn and grow, not be perfect.  This is the process of life and your inherent worthiness is not diminished by your learning opportunities.  

You might be wondering, then why do I often feel unworthy and not enough? 

Because we often allow our thoughts to get in the way. Our mind is a tricky thing, and if not careful, we let it overrun our intuition and our hearts. 

First know that you aren’t alone in this.  We all do this! Our emotions get stored deep inside our subconscious mind, where patterns of thought and even habits are developed. You’re actually programmed, based on your experiences, to think and act in certain ways.

But you can change, become more aware, and master your thoughts! This is great news.  You can feel worthy and accepted!

The clue is your emotions.  You need to learn to read them, not ignore them.  Emotions are good, yep even the bad ones! 

They are clues to help you understand yourself and get back on track. Back to feeling your power and well, let’s just say, putting on your Super Suit!  Hey, I love super heros! :)

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, then first, you must become aware.  Learn to acknowledge what you are thinking. If you can do this, then you can get back on track.

Next, grab a pen and paper and write down what’s rolling around in your head. It’s that head talk that you’ve got to identify and wrangle right on out.  

You know, the thoughts like “I’m not good enough” or “No one wants to hear from me” or “Nobody likes me” or “I look terrible and have nothing to wear” and the list could go on and on.  You get my drift!  

Follow this pattern when working out your thoughts.  THINK - FEEL - DO 1. What do I Think?

2. How does this make me FEEL? 3. What does that make me want to DO? Once you’ve got that all out on paper (or once you’ve practiced a lot, you can do this in your mind)… then flip that thought and get out of your HEAD (where we protect ourselves) and into your HEART (where you progress and move forward). 

Again, I learned this HEAD to HEART process from Johnny Covey, you can check out his book for a complete resource. 

The magic happens when your thoughts come from your heart.  No longer are you protecting yourself, but you’re aligned with your purpose and coming from a place of love and worthiness.

Choose the opposite thought… like “Everyone loves me” or “I can do anything” or “Everything works out for me” or “The world is waiting for me” just whatever is in your heart once you’re outta of that negative head talk. 

Follow the same pattern of THINK - FEEL - DO.  From your heart..

1. What do I THINK?

2. How does this make me FEEL? 3. What does that make me want to DO?

You’ll find the inspiration to move forward and into action, from your heart and in balance with who you are, worthy and accepted. 

This inspired action feels good, and you truly do become a superhero!

So remember, your feelings are not bad, and you have them on purpose to help you change.  Recognize them and see the opportunity for growth, and allow yourself the patience to work through those feelings and go Head to Heart.

You’ll be thankful you did, and you’ll be on your way to fulfilling your grand purpose which always comes from a place of feeling worthy, deep inside. I promise, You are ENOUGH! 

If you don’t believe me… well, just borrow my belief in you for now, while you practice this, and then believe on your own.  I have faith in you!

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